We are living in the era of a multi-faceted African presence in the world. 

In today’s liberal and performing arts – cinema, literature, music, dance, theater, philosophy, etc. – artists and thinkers are already inviting us to consider how Africa is essential to humanity’s collective future. 


In France there does not yet exist a permanent space for an African voice to express itself or consider challenges facing present-day society.

Now more than ever it is imperative that we remedy this, and create a dedicated environment for artists, writers, researchers, scientists, etc. – a space that empowers the diverse creative mediums emanating from the African continent and its diaspora. 

By gathering these activities under one roof, we hope to establish a symbolic Supercontinent, a new cultural landmark that places African creation at its core and is open to all who encourage a Global Africa.


Far-removed from references to exoticism, clichés, or cultural appropriations, the Africa Monde of Supercontinent proposes for Paris a space that empowers the plurality of its creative communities. 

The project signifies a freedom to explore the world through a new cultural lens, and will bring to a city known for its arts and culture (but also its ambivalent relationship with the continent) a vital platform for the research, production, and exhibition of contemporary African creativity. Supercontinent proposes a setting where independence and imagination coexist, and the hybridization of disciplines and commingling of publics are embraced.


We, the stakeholders of this adventure, are from here and elsewhere, and have joined together to bridge more meaningful connections with Africa, here and now. 

Supercontinent is in this way as much a place as it is a proposition. It is an idea that sparked an initiative, and which hopes to trigger a larger movement celebrating artistic risk-taking – those courageous endeavors that in all their various forms make the world we live in one of never-ending singular encounters.



* Cf Achille Mbembé (coordination), Écrire l’Afrique Monde, éd. Philippe Rey/Jimsaan, 2017, Dakar, Sénégal